Новости 2017 - 2018 года

3-4 November 2018
First shows for our Florida Iris babies.Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy)
3.11.2018 NDS + special rings, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Florida Iris Cranberry Cookie -best baby, BIS baby-1
Florida Iris Bombshell - best baby
Special rings:
Florida Iris Cranberry Cookie -best baby
Florida Iris Bombshell - best baby

4.11.2018 IDS "Kharkiv cup-2018", Kharkiv, Ukraine
Florida Iris Cranberry Cookie -best baby, BIS baby-2
Florida Iris Bombshell - best baby
Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy) - CAC, CACIB, BOS

Grooming, handling and loving by Florida Iris Team

Big thanks for judging to Julia Pashko, Nemanja Jovanovic, Dusan Paunovic, Sergey Slukin, Victor Shiyan.
Many thanks for our trainer Alena Tiutiunnyk!
We're happy!

19-21 Oktober 2018
Florida Iris Team results from IDSs in Bulgaria, Asenovgrad, 19-21/10/2018.
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*CACIB, 2*BOB, BIG-2, BIG-3, new Bulgaria CH
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru) - 2*CACIB, 2*BOB, new Bulgaria CH
Zauber Zwerg Evangelina (Ева) -2*BOB, new Junior Bulgaria CH
Big thanks for judging Galyah Litova, Georgi Hristozov, Antonio Mracevic, Rui Oliveira!

30 September 2018
NDS FCI-CAC, Kharkiv, Ukraine
judge Anatoly Zhuk (Belorus)

24-26 August 2018
The biggest DogShows in Ukraine. 3* IDS FCI, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
Florida Iris team results:
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*CAC, 2*CACIB, 2*BOB, CEEU winner
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  - 3*CAC, 3*CACIB, 2*BOB, new Champion of Ukraine, CEEU winner

4-5 August 2018
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*CAC, CACIB, 2*BOB, BIG-2
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  - J.CAC, BOB, new Junior Grand CH UA; CAC, CACIB, BOB
Thank to all judgers! Thank for help to Алена Тютюнник, Оля Васильева и Татьяна Черныш!

16-17 June 2018
2*NDS FCI, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Fenix Cup-2018 and Kharkiv Summer -2018
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*CAC, 2*BOB
Big thanks to all judges!

19-20 May 2018
19.05.2018 NDS -20.05.2018 IDS FCI Kharkiv Ukraine.
Florida Iris Weekend in Kyoto (Harry) - 2ex./ J.CAC,BOB , new Junior Champion of Ukraine!
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  - J.CAC, BOB (junior)/ CAC, CACIB, BOB (intermedia)
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-4!!!
Zauber Zwerg Evangelina (Ева) (puppy class): bp2/ bp2/ bp2 on special ring
CH Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - CAC, BOB/ CAC, CACIB, BOB / CAC, BOB on special ring!
Many-many thanks for judging to Людмила Лаврова(Moldova), Татьяна Вострых (Moldova), Татьяна Шиян (Ukraine) and Виктор Шиян (Ukraine) . 
Big thanks to Lena and Leonid Kudashkiny for organization!

28-29 April 2018 AND OF COURSE! FLORIDA IRIS' Teams results of the Biggest Ukrainian DOG SHOWS!!!:
28.04.2018 IDS FCI "Golden Gates 2018", judging Paul Stanton (Sweden) \ 29.04.2018 IDS FCI “Ukraine 2018”, judging Anne Sume (Estonia) \ 29.04.2018 speciality poodle show UPK, judging Cassandre Mattera (France) \ 29.04.2018 special “Schnauzers Championship 2018", judging Fernando Quilis (Spain). Kyiv, Ukraine
white standard poodle Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) (open class) - CAC, CACIB, BOB/ ex/ cc,cw, new Chanpion of Ukrainian Poodle Club!
red miniature poodle De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  (junior class)- v.g. / J.CAC, BOB / cc,cw, new Junior Chanpion of Ukrainian Poodle Club!
zwergschnauzer Zauber Zwerg Evangelina (Ева) (puppy class)- pr / pr / v.pr., Best Puppy!
Big thanks to all judgers!

5-6 May 2018 IDS “Kharkiv Spring-2018” FCI, Kharkiv, Ukraine
FLORIDA IRIS Teams results:
Florida Iris Weekend in Kyoto (Harry) - J.CAC, BOB, BIG-4 / J.CAC,BOB 
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  - J.CAC, BOB / CAC, CACIB, BOB, new Junior Chanpion of Ukraine
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - CAC, BOB, new Chanpion of Ukraine / CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-1 !!!
Big thanks to Vitaliy Hizhnyak(Ukraine) and Anjey Kazmerskiy (Poland) for quality and friendly judging!

2-4 February 2018
GOOOOD NEWS from Moldova!!!
2-3-4.02.2018, 3*IDS FCI Moldova, Chisinau.
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - 3*CAC, 3*CACIB, 3*BOB, BIG-2, new Champion of Moldova, Grand Ch of Moldova, Craft qualification, norma INTER CH!
Big thanks to all judges and 
Rui Oliveira in the II Group ring! 
Many many thanks to Алена Тютюнник (Alena Tiutiunnyk) for care and handling my super boy!
I am happy!

27-28 January 2018
First Shows in junior class for our Ru-Ru. Not a bad result!
27-28\01\2018 2*NDS FCI Kharkiv Ukraine
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru) (11 months, 28,5cm) -2J.CAC, BOS, BOB, J.BIS-4
Big thanks for grooming to Оля Васильева (Olya Vasileva)!
Thanks for judging to Anna Rogowska (Poland), Julia Pashko (Ukraine) and Leonid Sivak (Moldova)!
Congrats to breeder Людмила Батищева (Luidmila Batisheva)!


19-20 January 2018
First DOG Show in 2018 for Florida Iris kennel! Good start of this year! 
19-20.01.2018 IDS FCI Bulgaria Plovdiv
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) -  2*CAC, 2*CACIB, 2*BOB, BIG-2, BIG-3, new Bulgaria Champion 
Big thanks to all judges and Alena Tiutiunnyk for care and handling!
We are happy!

2-3 December 2017
2017 is ending. The main Ukraine Dog Shows were finished. It was first show where I wasn't. But we did it!!!
I want to say million thanks to my husband who went to Kyiv alone and can showed our beautiful dogs: Black Daemon Play and White Prince Leo! I say many THANKS to Лена Петренко who styled Leo to the rings! I have no words to express my gratitude to Алена Тютюнник (Alena Tiutiunnyk) who showed Leo. And of course I say big thanks to Юлия Дегтярева (Julia Degtyareva) who convinced to show Leo without me! Sorry but we haven't photo((( 
The results of Florida Iris Team:
02.12.2017 IDS "Kyivska Rus-2017" 
03.12.2017IDS "Christal Cup-2017"
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - 2*CAC, R.CACIB
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - CAC, CACIB, BOB.
Many thanks to honorable judges Eva Liljekvist Borg (Sweden), Tijana Konrad (Serbia), Igor Semenenko ( Ukraine), Dr. Roberto Schill (Romania)!

4-5 November 2017
4 Nov 2017,  NDS CAC-UA  «KHARKIV – 2017» 
 5 Nov 2017   FCI-CACIB    «KHARKIV CUP – 2017» , Kharkiv, Ukraine
Florida Iris Team results:
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - 2*CAC, CACIB, 2*BOB
Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy) - 2*CAC, CACIB, 2*BOS
King Florida Iris Jezzy Dogs  - 2*CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOS

7-8 Oktober 2017  Kharkiv, Ukraine, IDS "Major Cup" and NDS "Andrey Pionov Cup". 
Florida Iris Team Results:
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-3
(judge in the ring and in group- Karel Horak)
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) -2*CAC, CACIB, 2*BOB, BOG-3
(judges in rings: Garivaldis Athanasios and George Schegol, in the group - Karel Horak)
De Ljuvi's Fleyming Light (Ru-Ru)  - best puppy
(judge in ring: George Schegol)


25-27 August 2017
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) (open-male)- R.CAC, 2\6
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) (intermedia-male)- CAC
Amore Bello Van Helsing (Senya) (open-male)- CAC, CACIB, BOS, EW-17
Big thanks to judgers Галина Жук and Hans van den Berg for their choiсe! Many thanks all my friends for support and help!


8-9 May 2017 NDS "Кубок Дергачевского РО ХО КСУ" and NDS "Victory Day 2017"
Florida Iris Team results:
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*J.CAC, 2 BOB.
9/05/2017 NDS "Victory Day 2017" special zwergschnauzers ring:
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - CAC, BOB.
Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy) - J.CAC, BOS.

Many thanks for judging Виктор Шиян (Ukraine) and Людмила Лаврова (Moldova)! 
Big thanks Леонид Кудашкин and Елена Кудашкина for organisation this Shows!



30 April and 1 May 2017
The life with poodles! What can be better?
In this holiday we visited 2*NDS "Kharkiv Spring 2017" with our rising star LEO!
Leo results:
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) - 2*J.CAC, 2*BOB, Junior BIS-4, BIG-3, BIG-1, new Junior Champion of Ukraine!
Thanks Yuriy Gergel (Ukraine), Michael Papadatos (Greece) and Viktor Chernyavsky (Ukraine) for judging! Thanks for organization this Shows " Союз Виват club".
The weather was super! We met a lot of our friends. And we had more positive emotions!


9 April 2017
Not  bad start to the Show career of our white prince Leo.
JCAC, JBOB and Best Junior of Group 9!!!

Florida Iris Team results:

NDS FCI-CAC,  judge Pavel Karpov (Ukraine)
Jasenak Believe In Yourself (Leo) -JCAC, JBOB and Best Junior of Group 9
Amore Bello Van Helsing (Senya) -CAC
King Florida Iris Jezzy Dogs - CAC
Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy) - JCAC, new Junior Champion of Ukraine
Victorious Star Bombastic (Play) - R.CAC

9 April 2017 Special Poodle Ring. Honorary judge Dragana Bujisic Vasiljevic.
Amore Bello Van Helsing (Senya) - CC, BOB and BISS-2


2*NDS Kharkiv,
We opened Show Time 2017 with our little monkey Baffy. It was first show for her. Our results:
Zauber Zwerg Bonita (Baffy) (Rus Maknalis Hand Made Vidnails * Gloris Riana) - 2*J.CAC, 2*J.BOB
Thank for judging Tatiana Shiyan (Ukraine) and Natasha Davidovic (Serbia)